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Got Big Street Facing Windows?

Get Your Windows Working For You

Window Frosting

Do you feel exposed in your office, home or any other space? Want a more private space for yourself and your clients?

Window frosting is an excellent option for privacy, security, decoration and safety and can give a whole new look to your commercial or private space. If you would like to add some design to your windows while also closing up the area to be slightly more secluded, then frosting your windows is a great way to achieve that.

Wellington Signs can help you through the process and give you suggestions for making your premises look more professional!

Being easily found is important for any service or retail business. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Why Wellington Signs?

We have several years of experience creating window frostings for various spaces in the commercial sector and have produced the desired result for happy customers. Our experienced team will work together with you from start to finish, support you in designing the window frosting and suggest different finishes to achieve the desired result you want.

At Wellington Signs, we can create mural-style finishes, custom faded frosting or solid block-out frosting for any sized window. The design options are endless, and we can even incorporate the branding of your business into the frosting to get you a professional look. Our team designs, manufactures and installs window frostings ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about any of the details or use different companies to get you the end product.

So, if you want an experienced and professional team to work on your windows and get you the result quickly and efficiently, don’t hesitate to start your journey with Wellington Signs now!


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Get in touch with the team

Contact the team today if you have any questions about our window frosting services and how we can help you achieve the design you are going for! We will support you through the whole process and make it as hassle-free for you as possible.