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Want a label or sticker that reflects your brand and business?

Unique Labels and Stickers are a great way to influence customer

Customised Labels & Stickers

Make sure customers recognise your products with a well-designed and high-quality label that accurately reflects your brand and business. Walking around a store, most of us are looking for products that we know well and recognise immediately due to their branding. However, a unique label can influence customers to select your product over others, even if they aren’t familiar with it. That’s why at Wellington Signs, we find it so crucial to have quality designed and professional-looking labels on any product that your business manufactures. Maximise your visibility and marketing with our professional and accurate printing services!

Get customers to recognise your company with your custom label. Contact us today for a quote!

Labels and printing made easy with Wellington Signs

At Wellington Signs, we will ensure your business’ stickers and labels have a consistent design, are of high quality and will be recognised by your client base. With our modern technology, we can make accurate printing simple. Our team makes sure your design is consistent, has the right colours and reflects your branding completely. Labels give products the ultimate look and image. Without them, your customers likely wouldn’t recognise who is behind the item.

Wellington Signs have a range of shapes, sizes and finishes available for our labels to ensure we can create the custom-made sticker that you want. Our designer team can help you create a label that reflects the quality of your product and stands out from the rest, influencing customers to reach for your product instead of someone else’s. Don’t save on such an important asset. Get a professional team to work on your design and printing!

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Get in touch with Wellington Signs if you are looking for a reliable and experienced team to work on your labels. Our designer team can provide a few suggestions to achieve the optimal look. Call or email us today to find out more about how we can help you!