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Want 3D Signage?

Cutting Shapes Nationwide For Customers

Custom Construction & CNC Signage

Always wanted new signage for your business or office but were worried that it wouldn’t be perfect and accurate?

With computer numerical control (CNC) technology, Wellington Signs ensures that all our designs are cut in the most accurate way. Cutting by hand leaves room for error, and with this new technology, we eliminate all the problems that might occur to ensure that you get the exact sizing you were asking for.

Work together with an experienced group of professionals who have the proper knowledge to use this modern technology and help you get the exact result you want for your signage!

Being easily found is important for any service or retail business. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Benefits of our CNC technology

Our CNC service and equipment enables us to design and cut custom made shapes and sizes for all our nationwide customers. We have an oversized 3m x 1.5m table, which allows us to manufacture a wide variety of designs from several different materials.

With our accurate CNC technology, we can cut MDF, plywood, ADF, high-density plastics, and acrylics to achieve any type of design that you are looking for. Whether that’s large plastic signs, illuminated metal or graphics for your windows, we can make it all a reality for you! Our materials can be transformed into 3D lettering, moulds, cabinets, furniture, cladding, and other signage products with our computer-controlled precision cutting in a short time, so you get your signage and different needs as early as possible.

The CNC service supports customers in Wellington to fit out their shop or office and advertise their business!

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Get in touch for our CNC services

If you would like to find out more about this incredible technology, contact Wellington Signs, who will explain how it works and how it might benefit your business. We will give you a free quote and ensure you get the most accurate cutting service in the region.