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Want your car’s paintwork to be protected while also giving it a new look?

Vinyl Wraps are a protective barrier that add style and branding to your vehicle

Vinyl Car Wrap

Vinyl wraps provide a protective barrier against minor damages to your paintwork, such as scratches, stone chips and fading, while also providing a completely new design to your vehicle.

If you are concerned about minor damages and selling your car after a design change, then vinyl wraps are an excellent option for you. They can simply be removed once you are done with your vehicle without stripping the original paint off. They are an ideal solution for business signage when you want to change your car’s colour drastically.

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Wellington Signs, The Vinyl Wrappers

At Wellington Signs, we have several years of experience wrapping cars fully and partially with vinyl. We only use the most modern materials and technique to ensure you get the best result and no damage to your vehicle.

Our team can custom make vinyl wraps to align with your business’ branding and give your fleet the most professional look. Whatever colour, pattern or logo you envision, we can make that a reality for you. We ensure the vinyl wrap design fits the model and size of your car perfectly and showcases your organisation to those around you in the best way possible.

At Wellington Signs, we believe vinyl wraps are one of the best ways to advertise your business and allow potential future customers to contact you easily. Our vinyl wraps have a long life and are a great way to protect your vehicle’s original paint while showcasing a new design.

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

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Get in touch with the Wellington Signs car wrap team to discuss the solution for your needs and why vinyl might be an excellent option for you. We can help you advertise your business on your own terms and get the most out of your commercial vehicles.